Beginner Basics Intro Program

The Beginner Basics Intro Program is a mini-course module to introduce you to the fundamental movements in CrossFit. The module is designed to inform and educate the first-time CrossFitter on the technical aspects of the Fundamental Movements. 


The course consists of 3 modular one-hour sessions over a 2-Day period (Mondays to Wednesdays). After completing the modular course, your membership is activated and you can begin with regular class schedules immediately.

Why is this course necessary?

CrossFit, like any sport, is very technical. This course will provide the first-time CrossFitter (whether you have been an athlete all your life, or have been living asedentary lifestyle) with the platform to establish a good understanding of CrossFit movement techniques and how to execute them accurately.

Accuracy is key to efficiency. Many of the movements are also prescribed in the class sessions. In the class sessions time will be spent on progression of these movements. There is little time to explain the movements during a full class session. This is why we do a thorough basics introduction course. This course is an in-depth step-by-step module to get you moving properly.

How much will it cost?

The Beginner Basics Intro Program fee of R180 (VAT Incl.) is a once-off fee that is separate from your monthly membership fee.

The fee will be required prior to the commencing of the first booked session.

Interested in taking this course?

Fill out the form and let us know! We will then be in contact as soon as we can.

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