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Ruan Duvenage

Ruan Duvenage

Head Coach

N.Dip Sport & Exercise Specialist (ETA Stellenbosch); CrossFit Level I

Ruan holds a Higher National Diploma in Sports Conditioning Training and Exercise from ETA College (Stellenbosch), with a specialist field of prenatal and postnatal training as well as training children.

He is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Instructor with a completed Coaches Prep Course. Ruan started competing in CrossFit in 2015 and used his own collective knowledge to develop his own programming that progressed him to the CrossFIt Merdidian Regionals in 2016, where he made his mark in the South African CrossFit community with a 10th place finish in the toughest qualifying region in CrossFit, in his first ever Regionals qualifier. In 2017 after qualifying again for the CrossFit Meridian Regionals, Ruan racked a greatly anticipated 8th place among the best in Europe and Africa.

Ruan has a long history as a competing athlete and enjoyed a good career in Rugby prior to his pursuit of CrossFit. He has a dynamic, hands-on approach to coaching and understands the psychological and physical challenges at every level in CrossFit and knows what it takes to push through the boundaries to reach goals. Ruan lives by his own design of never giving up, no matter how difficult or how impossible the task may seem, and he translates this belief into his coaching.

Leilani Tison

Leilani Tison


CrossFit Level I

Leilani has an extensive background in sport. She persued a career in bodybuilding and focused on competing in fitness. Her focus shifted when she discovered CrossFit. CrossFit was a newfound challenge.

With limited skill, Leilani started her CrossFit journey like most of us; starting from the bottom and building her knowledge and skill day by day. The challenge of the olympic weightlifting and particularly the advanced gymnastics, unveiled certain limitations in her sporting career.

Leilani tackled these limitations and overcame the mental boundaries that are often found when starting out with CrossFit. Leilani set out to teach others what she had come to learn – to find the true potential of what your body is capable of.

Anton Duvenage

Anton Duvenage

Vitality (CrossFit Lite) Coach; CrossFit Level I

Anton has been a competitive sports athlete for most of his life; with more years of competitive experience than any veteran in South Africa. Anton started his sports career very early and played rugby for Boksburg Rugby Club for most of his younger years, and in 1999 was introduced to the world of Vets Cycling. From the very first race he excelled, and has won numerous races in his specific age categories since then.

Anton is well known for some of his greater titles in his Pro Cycling career, such as: The Gauteng Championships title, South African Championship title (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018), 94.7 Cycle Challenge, The Cape Argus Cycle Tour (tenure) –these are but a few to mention in his lengthy career. Anton has always been a remarkable athlete, and has excelled in every sport he put his heart and mind to. A quality that he passed on to his son.

Anton has recently been introduced to CrossFit, and being a passionate sports advocate, saw the opportunity of expanding his fitness horizons by joining his son Ruan, in coaching CrossFit at CrossFit ARKIN.